Thursday, April 29, 2010


A few years ago, I was attending a Hindu wedding in my home state of Kerala. Some one who has attended a Hindu wedding, at this part of the world will know the ceremonial rituals that take place prior and post to the main ceremony of “thali charthal” (tying the knot).

I noticed that even though the main events and ceremonies were completed, the marriage team had not been mobilized from the temple premises. Curiosity, one of the common qualities we sapiens share was invoked with in me, to question as in what was stopping the bride and groom to go to their destinations? It was then, an old lady from the mob said “they had to wait till 1’oclock so as to cross over Rahu kalam” aka “Rahu Kaal”. As per what she said, it was only after this time frame the newly wed couple can go to their dwelling.

Rahu and Kethu –
Genuinely the question will arise, what is Rahu?
When we observe the sun from the earth, it creates an illusion that the sun is revolving around the earth, now that science has proven it otherwise, I presume we do not require any further clarifications on that. We also know that Moon rotates around the earth. Both earth and moon are rotating in its own axis and there is a slight curve to the axis of these two “Star stuffs”. These (both) axis meet at two points and it is these imaginary points that we address as ‘Rahu’ and the other as ‘Kethu’. The reason why I called these imaginatory are because these points do not exist in the space, these are being made for the convenience of humans for deciphering various mysteries and only felt when we observe the sun and the moon from the Earth. Thus these points stay relative to our earth.

Now we know the culprits, who were delaying the bride and groom from entering their house. Sometimes I wonder, is it us who unquestioningly follow such rituals who are the real culprits. Strange is the power of illusion isn’t it. I did not have to study astrophysics to know about the sun, the moon and the earth.

“Chovva Dosham” aka “Maangalik” – (Effect of planet Mars on humans)
Mars is the fourth planet in our Solar system and is smaller in size comparing to our home planet. We can observe Mars as a red glowing dot in our sky. We have seen recently through our televisions sets, the surface of mars, covered with rocks and dust, when scientists from NASA had sent “Path finder” to Mars. Presently research is going on to find out any traces of life or chances of life spawning in Mars.

Then we wonder, can such a planet have any effect on us humans. I don’t know about the curiosity of the reader to know the truth, however I was very curious since I am a “Maangalik” (I came to know about this when my mom had secretly checked my “Jaathakam” AKA “Kundali” with an astrologer and she says she peeped into my future for which I am till date pissed off ). According to the ritualistic beliefs of the Hindus, a girl or boy with a Chovva Dosham has to marry a person with the same Dosham, if not adversities may arise and that relationship will not be fruitful. There are countless men and women who belong to this belief group who are not able to find a suitable partner. Not to forget other specifications or standards that a boy or a girl will have to go through to find their life partner - Religion, Caste, Jathi, Jaathakam and once the alliance gets filtered through all these parameters then there are other parameters like financial backgrounds, skin tone, skin tone of the parents (I have seen this too in some cases). Ladies and Gentlemen what we follow or observe here is absolutely not a natural thing, infact there is nothing natural about it. These are traits of a wicked cult which is busy dividing us on different names, classes and parameters.
Even when many fools in planet earth (the only known planet with life) is busy calculating the time frames and effects of far away planets on us, poor planets are still rotating the Sun, unknown on the atrocities many astrologers are committing in their name.

Nine planets and Vedic Astrology-

There are Nine planets in our Solar system (rather eight considering that Pluto cannot be called as a planet. It does not meet the specifications that a planet should have, many humans dislike throwing Pluto out of our solar system; sad news for them is Universe and Pluto does not care on what they like and dislike).

Now if I tell you that Astrology (used to tell our future) is based on nine planets, will that shock you for a moment? However what we address as planets in astronomy has nothing to do with Vedic astrological planets. Astrological planets are “Sooryan” , “Chandran” , ”Budhan”, “Shukran”, “Vyazham”, “Rahu”, “Ketu”,” Chovva” & “Shani”. In astronomy Sun is a Star, Moon is a satellite, there are no planets identified with the name of Rahu and Ketu. It will be a “Himalayan blunder” if someone says modern science has approved Astrology as a branch of science. According to Astrology Earth is in the middle and all the planets revolve around earth.

Well you are full liberty to question me, “What makes you say that Rahu and Ketu does not exist, what if science was not successful in identifying these planets until now”, very well I have previously explained what Rahu and Ketu are and more over there had been no evidences and experiments to support the calculations of astrology and the effects these stars, satellites, imaginary points and dwarf planets said to have on us. If it had been proved we would be studying it as a Theory. Astrology was the first attempt by humans to solve the mystery of the cosmos. Astrology is Pseudo science and Astronomy is Science.

Birth Star (Janma Nakshatram) –
What is a star? A massive luminous ball of hydrogen and helium which contains enough matter to sustain a nuclear fusion at its core. Many stars are thousands and millions of light years away from us. Billions and Billions of galaxies have Billions and Billions of stars. The nearest star we have is called Sun. Among billions and billions of galaxies and stars, there are a selected few stars which we can see. It is from such stars we outlined and concluded to 27 groups of stars which we know as – “Ashiwini, “Bharani”, “Karthika”, Rohini, “Mrigasira”, “Aridram”, “Purnavarsu”, “Pushyam”, “Aslesha”, “Magham”, “Poorvaphalguni, “Uttaraphalguni”, “Hastam”, “Chittira”, “Swati”, “Vishakham”, “Anuradha”, “Jyeshtam”, “Moolam”, “Poorvashadha”, “Uttarashadha”, “Sravanam”, “Dhanishtam”, “Satabisham”, “poornabhadrapadam”, “Uttarabhadrapadam” and “Revati”.

At the time of birth of a child, one of these 27 stars is associated as a Birth star of the child. According to astrology, at the time of birth which ever constellation the moon is nearer to is associated as the birth star of that child. The problem here arises when we try and understand the calculation, moon that we see is less than 2 light second away from earth however the constellations are hundreds or thousands of light years away from us, even though the wise men who manufactured this manual might not have known this fact, for them constellations seemed as clearly as the moon. Next problem arises, how our fate can depend on the far off constellations hundreds of light years away from us.

Planets and Gods –
Our ancestors (and some of them till date) used to worship Snakes, Lightning strikes, Wind, Rain, Sun, and Moon. They used to consider these as gods. With the development of science the godliness of these forces have faded away and we have been successful to a certain level in understanding the functioning of these natural forces. According to Astrology all the nine planets are forces which can reward as well as punish humanity. If we are to get rewards we have to make these planetary powers happy and make them stay that way.

Today astrology does not stand a chance against modern science but still it casts a wicked spell on many of our fellow sapiens. Many at times it is mere exploitation of illiterate people but from what I see many scientists, bollywood stars, doctors, engineers and achievers from different fields too have fallen for the tricks of Vedic astrology. I guess the astrologers who practice astrology very well realize their calculations and explanations does not make sense to any thinking person, no wonder such things manages to survive under the shade of Religion and Faith.

If astrology, Nakshatram, Rashis answers your questions and comforts you then keep believing in it, this is just another face of wishful thinking. I have a gift for those who dare to question such beliefs, Read any page from Stephen Hawking “A Brief history of Time” and that will make you understand how marvelous, magnificent and truly awe-inspiring the Universe is and I repeat The universe doesn’t care whether you understand it serve it or deny it.


  1. yea many of the things u said are right and many wrong.astrology s pure mathematics where u calculate the things in one's life with reference to ur birth time and the position of the star in relation wd the sun.this is accurate only wen the person who s in to it has the accuarcy and concentration to really look in to the horoscope.the calculations and predictions done by the worthy are most times true and you will be surprised to know how it works.kerala is an abode of different forms of vedic astrology,both in tantra n mantra,that does good and bad.of course,certain practices are hard to believe like the concept of kaivisham (i dont know wat does that transilate in to in english) which is also explained in many indian texts,where in one can influence the actions of a person through any forms of to the question of how come the so called science survive even in this time, i say anything that is fit only is proving right for at least a sect of people from all these time,and thats why it exists.of course,many things are over-rated like the chouva dosham,maanglik concept.But that doesnt mean vedic astrology is bogus and all who practice or predict are fakes.It needs real study to understand any concept and a brief read shouldnt be the reason for accepting or denying anything.

  2. vedic Astrology was sapthagraha(7 planets) instead of todays navagraha (9 planets) ,the other two planets where later added on

  3. Vedic astrology is the ancient science of india and can tells you the predictions about the future and your life. its accuracy is its power.
    more accurate you can do calculation in vedic astrology then more accurate & exact result you can get.

  4. You coming from Kerala, I am not surprised that you have such low regard for Vedic knowledge. It is Adi Sankara's Curse that Kerala will go out of the Vedic sampradaya and non vedic religions like Christianity and Islam will dominate, which we are already witnessing.

  5. Thank you for sharing the wonderful information with us.I am Capricorn and have ketu in birth-chart.If possible please share something about Capricorn and ketu combination.

  6. Vedic Astrology is an ancient Indian science which explains planetary motions and positions with respect to time and their effect on humans and other entities on earth. Vedic astrology can be traced thousands of years back. Early Vedic astrology was only based on the movement of planets with respect to stars, but later on it started including zodiac signs as well. According to Vedic astrology there are 27 constellations made up of 12 zodiac signs, 9 planets and 12 houses with each house and planet representing some aspect of human life.